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At Beaconsfield Golf Club

We take great pride in upholding the esteemed traditions and standards of our club. As such, we kindly request that all members and their guests adhere to the following regulations while on the property, including upon arrival and departure.


Dress Code

Members are responsible for informing their guests about and ensuring compliance with the Club's Dress Code Policy throughout their visit, both on the golf course and in the Clubhouse.

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Golf Etiquette Policy

At our renowned Club, we take pride in our picturesque course and uphold a comprehensive Etiquette Policy to foster mutual respect among players and preserve the integrity of the course.

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Pace of Play

Please maintain a 4-hour and 10-minute pace of play for an enjoyable experience. Adhering to this guideline ensures a harmonious and rewarding golfing experience for all.

Mobile Device

Please keep devices silent, let calls go to voicemail, and refrain from playing music while on the golf course.